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Changes in the Board of Directors of Space Hellas Panagiotis C. Bellos is the new Executive Vice-President

A new season has begun for Space Hellas, following the General Assembly of its Shareholders which took place on Thursday the 18th of June 2020 and the election of the new board of Directors for a six-year period.

Panagiotis C. Bellos, shareholder and son of Christos Bellos, who was a cofounder of the company, has undertaken duties as Executive Vice-President. Panagiotis Bellos, is an experienced official of the market in Business Administration and Marketing. He joined Space Hellas in 1996 and he has served as Εxecutive member for many years, participating with loyalty in the common vision of the company.

Theodore Hatzistamatiou who was elected non-executive Vice President is a mathematician with a degree in Analysis and Programming. He has a significant experience in the IT area since 1977, both in the private and public sector.

The new BoD of Space Hellas was formed as follows:

1. Spyros D. Manolopoulos, Executive President
2. Panagiotis Bellos, Executive Vice-President
3. Theodore Hatzistamatiou, non-executive Vice President
4. Ioannis Mertzanis, Chief Executive Officer
5. Ioannis Doulaveris, Executive Member of the Board
6. Anastasia Paparizou, Executive Member of the Board
7. Theodore Gakis, independent, non-Executive Member of the Board
8. Athanasios Patsouras, independent, non-Executive Member of the Board
9. Emmanouil Chatiras, independent, non-Executive Member of the Board

The President, Spyros D. Manolopoulos stated the following for the BoD renewal:

"On behalf of the BoD, I want to thank the company's shareholders for the trust they showed in its members, by electing the new BOD of the company, the vast majority of which remained the same.

The changes which took place coincide with the retirement from the BoD of the Company of two people identified with the founding and the historic course of Space Hellas until today, Christos Bellos, its cofounder with the dear departed Dimitris Manolopoulos, and Giorgos Lagogiannis, who was their companion from the company's beginning.

I wish to thank them both from the bottom of my heart for their precious long -term contribution in the BoD's achievements and I look forward to continuing this close collaboration with them.

In addition to that, I welcome Mr. Panagiotis Bellos as Executive Vice-President and Mr. Theodore Xatzistamatiou as non-Executive Vice-President at their new positions and wish them the best in their enhanced duties.

Finally, I welcome two new members of the Board of Directors, Mr. Theodore Gakis and Mr. Emmanouil Chatiras and wish them the best of success in their new duties. I am certain, that the BoD will make our company even more powerful by utilizing their knowledge, skills and experience gained from the enterprises area."

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