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Public Sectors

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Agencies assume a major task: provide to the citizens the required level of security and protect life and property. In this perspective, high tech projects are implemented in order to deliver the appropriate tools for every day operations.

Space Hellas implemented the following projects:

  • “e-Crime”: Delivered to the Greek Police Cybercrime Division, this system is designed for Data Collection from open internet sources (OSINT) with the purpose to Predict, Prevent, Investigate & Verify criminal activities on the internet. It provides a platform with all the necessary tools to: Harvest and save huge amount of data crawling the public Web and Darknet like Tor, Crawling social media as in forums, open social media profile pages, etc.
  • A similar system is delivered to Cyprus Police.
  • Remote Access System for the Greek Police. This project consists on the installation of ruggedized terminals on police vehicle. The system provides connection and encryption software for ensuring remote VPN access to the central system of the Hellenic Police for control and verification purposes.
  • Automated Fingerprint Identification System for the Greek Police. The projects consists on the design and installation of the national AFIS, including installation of central and peripheral equipment, AFIS software customization and installation, interfaces to other systems  (VIS, INTERPOL, EURODAC/Prum, SIRENE/SIRPIT,  etc.), migration of the digital FP database, training, commissioning and maintenance services. Upgrade of the Search & Rescue (SAR) infrastructure for the Greek Coast Guard. The project includes: implementation of a Voice and Data Communication System, implementation of an ENC (Electronic Navigational Charts) Management Network, training and other services.

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