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The operation and protection of today's complex information systems is a difficult and significant challenge for any organization. The requirements for achieving the goals as well as the operational requirements for the provision of services and applications in a fast and secure way are greater than ever.
At the same time, the organizations are required daily to comply with a variety of guidelines, whether legal or regulatory, and the information and personal data they provide needs special treatment.
Space Hellas has been active in the field of information technology, information security and information systems for the last 33 years. Space Hellas' services in the field of Information Security, Business Continuity and Personal Data Protection ensure companies and organizations, as well as the people who act on them, to find out the real weaknesses in their infrastructure and culture, risks identification or the course of an attack as well as solutions based on internationally recognized standards, regulations and best practices.  
The goal of Space Hellas Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) services is:   

• The alignment of business strategy in risk management and compliance.
• The quantification of weaknesses and their confrontation by the implementation of controls, policies and procedures as well as technological solutions.
• Identifying, evaluating and prioritizing risks, as well as their proper management.
• Guidance on the definition of appropriate frameworks for legal and regulatory compliance and compliance with international standards. 


• Development of Information Security Management System and preparation for certification with ISO 27001: 2013
• Development of Business Continuity Management System and preparation for certification with ISO 22301: 2019
• Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
• Data Protection Officer Services (DPO)
• Chief Information Security Officer Services (CISO)

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