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Security Systems Management Platform

Security Systems Management Platform

Security System Platforms are a vital component for every complex / integrated security system.

Space Hellas applies for the best system solution per project. Customer needs will be identified and guide us to the right solution.

Security Systems Management Platform

  • GuardianTM PSIM Platform

    The GuardianTM PSIM platform evolves throughout the last 10 years by adapting new functionalities and integrating various vendors’ security systems. During the last year is under heavy modernization process with the aim to provide version 2.0 within 2021. Space Hellas deploys and supports physical security systems coming from variety of vendors to large-scale organizations and enterprises in both public and private sectors. Each vendor offers its own management tools that may be adequate on small-scale installations that are not distributed geographically or do not involve security systems from other vendors. Large-scale organizations related to banking, retail or utilities industries with several branches distributed geographically or mission critical infrastructures usually have or outsource a control center with security officers that monitors their security policy and react rapidly on events and alarms that indicate security breaches. Monitoring and reaction on security incidents in such complex environments requires comprehensible information to those authorized to comply with and monitor security policies through tools that enable the analysis of the significance of an event and reaction only if it is It is really important. It requires also recording the actions taken by the authorized personnel in the context of dealing with such security incident for audit purposes. GuardianTM PSIM platform supports multiple user groups with different access levels to data and information privileged to perform operations according to their role specified by the security policy of the organization.

    GuardianTM v1.0 is currently deployed to enterprises an on premise standalone solution and its main aspects are:

    • Integration to vertical security systems and appliances
    • Collection of events, Processing and correlation with other metadata to offer enriched information to users & Data Storage
    • Data Presentation on Digital Maps (GIS) & Area Plans (image files)
    • Supervision of Compliance with internal Security Policy
    • Instant Alert of Security Personnel with Event Verification & Event Upgrade Capabilities
    • Automatic Activation of Crisis Response Policies & Personnel Assistance
    • Auditing
    • User, Roles & Distribution of events
    • Combined Events Playback
    • Create, Print, Send Reports
    • Remote Surveillance
    • Configuration management
    • User Friendly Console

  • PSIM Platforms

    PSIM, or Physical Security Information Management is a software platform which integrates security systems and monitors them through one interface. PSIM platforms collect and correlate events from security and information systems (video, analytics , access control, sensors, building systems, etc.) and are able to support security personnel in order to identify and resolve critical situations following company's policies.

    A PSIM platform can:

    • Collect data from any number of disparate security devices or systems.
    • Analyze and correlate data, events, and alarms, in order to identify the real situation and its priority.
    • Support the operator for faster verification of any critical situation.
    • Provide the necessary instructions based on organization’s policies for the support of the resolution of the critical situation of each incident.
    • Create automatic and analytical reporting and support in-depth investigation analysis.

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