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Health is a major factor for the well being of modern societies. During the last decades ICT has been introduces to health applications and nowadays the majority of the everyday operation in hospital, health centers and doctors relies on IT and telecommunication systems.

Space Hellas has several important references in this field, such as:

  • Supply, installation, set-up, interconnection and support of the IT & Network infrastructure and respective application software for the Biopathology Labs of 24 I.K.A. Medical Units. The project supports Lab Information System (LIS) hosting applications and data necessary for the management of the administration processes of the biopathology labs and the improved servicing of the patient-centric system concept.
  • Pre-Hospital Emergency Care and Ambulance Management for the Greek Ambulance Service (EKAV) in the Epirus region, Management of all pre-hospital emergency care incidents registered by telephone operators and forwarded to the required units for immediate handling. The project covers: management of involved resources for efficiently serving an incident, real-time ambulance tracking based on GIS and GPS/GPRS, provision of effective route guidance to ambulance crews, monitoring of patient status during transportation with simultaneous and efficient response in therapeutic interventions through the transmission of vital signals to medical centers
  • “Philippos”, Military Hospital  Health  Network. Implementation of a health network connecting seven military hospitals. The solution implemented provides: integrated Hospital IT System, Biomedical Technology Management System, Business Intelligence Management System, Application Interface System, Tele-medicine and Tele-learning Network
  • Remote health care system for municipalities. Through this solution the social services of a municipality have direct information about the health status of selected categories of citizens (e.g. older people, people suffering from chronicle diseases etc.). In case of an incident the support mechanism in order to address the issue is triggered. Similar systems are installed in the municipalitied of Xylokastro, Kranidi, Kissamos etc.

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