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e-Polimorfismoi: Development of an interactive e-health database aimed to identify potential interactions among drugs prescribed to CKD patients
Programme Epirus 2014-2020
36 months

The goal of the e-Polimorfismoi project is the design and development of an e-health platform to investigate drug interactions of multiple types (among drugs, between drugs and food, alcohols of other herbal products), for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), targeting the holistic treatment and personalized medication. The Department of Nephrology, University Hospital of Ioannina, will perform trials on 150 patients having CKD of various stages. On selected patients, specific genomic polymorphisms (pharmacogenetics tests) will be performed in order to widen the scope of the platform. The pilot clinical trials will be performed by the medical staff of the hospital in order to evaluate the effectiveness and usability of the platform.


  • Space Hellas (Coordinator)
  • University of Ioannina

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