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OCTANT: Vessel Management Platform
EPAnEK 2014-2020 – Action "Research-Create-Innovate"
30 months

The data sources / information concerning the modern ship are many and varied, internal to the ship (eg sensors in various pieces of equipment) and external (eg meteorological stations). Collecting all this data is no longer a complicated process as their transmission can be done using traditional or modern satellite communication systems and stored in central units.

With the new technologies (AI, Big Data) we can analyze the data, relate it and present it to those who use it to make important and critical decisions. The collection of all this data and their correlation, allows us to see each ship holistically as a system and not just as a sum of its individual parts and functions. So in addition to the central storage, the existence of a platform that would visually display all the information and its different correlations, would significantly help in the most efficient and effective monitoring of the fleet of ships from all parts of the Management Company.

The platform will be a gathering place for the information that interests each department. The information comes from different applications and is grouped on the platform either in the form of views (Views) appropriately configured on the user interface or in the form of reports (Reports).


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