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SYTIL: Long Distance Coaches Telecommunication Systems
12 months

This project has been financed by the General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GGET) in the context of the project EPET II – Transportation. This project is a showcase and aims at developing a wireless telecommunications system to achieve a better control and improve road safety for long distance transport. The system's main users are Long Distance Coach Services of the Magnesia & Aetoloakarnania Prefectures. The system has the potential to:

  • transfer voice and data between a Control Centre and the vehicles.
  • Locate at any moment the exact position of the vehicles (10m accuracy deviation), their condition and the fidelity with which itineraries have been performed
  • Notify the Control Centre in case of accident or other road incident. The activation of this system takes place either automatically or following the driver's intervention.
  • Register information pertaining to the itinerary performed by a vehicle for further analyzing and processing data by the KTEL's personnel. This information pertain to departure and arrival time , the duration of the journey, the stops made and their duration.

The system under way is based on the combined use of GPS/GSM technologies for the accurate definition of the vehicle ' s position and their communication with the Control Centre.

  • Space Hellas - coordinator
  • KTEL
  • National Technical University

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