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Information System Development and Procurement of Equipment for the National Visa System (N-VIS)

Brief Description of the Project

SPACE HELLAS, following a tender conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, undertook the implementation of the project “Information Systems Development and Procurement of Equipment for the National Visa System (N-VIS)”.  The N-VIS (National Visa Information System) is part of the European system VIS and aims at the effective management of VISA issuance procedures in European Union countries. The VIS will allow the EU Member States to exchange data on Visas and will include a central information system for visas (C-VIS), as well as a National Visa Information System (N-VIS) for each Member State, which will be linked to the central information system. 

The main purpose of the project consists of the following: ensuring the free movement of people, ensuring a high level of security, the restriction of trafficking in human beings, the restriction of illegal immigration, the need for controls to prevent terrorist acts, the limitation of bureaucratic procedures, preventing the commercialization of visas and residence permits for citizens in a country.Within the framework of the project, Space Hellas will supply, install and put into operation the necessary information infrastructure at the Athens National Hub and the Thessaloniki Reserve, as well as the information and biometric equipment at the 125 consular authorities of the country located in various parts of the world.

The duration of the project is 18 months. Space Hellas has undertaken to implement the following:

  • Preparation of a complete application study for the implementation of the whole project, including a detailed risk assessment study (Risk Assessment) of the Hellenic Visa Information System, as well as a Disaster Recovery Plan for the overall system.
  • Development of the Greek Visa Information System of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (EL-VIS), which will include a biometric crossing system (e.g. BMS operation– Biometric Matching System).
  • Supply, installation and operation of the necessary IT equipment and information systems security equipment (and system software) for the creation of the National Node of Athens and the Reserve Node of Thessaloniki.
  • Supply, installation and operation of information equipment and biometric equipment of consular authorities in the country.
  • Provision of the necessary installation, configuration, control, operating support, education (administrators and users) and System maintenance (Software and Hardware) for as long as the Project lasts.
  • Implementation of the gradual expansion of the system to all Consular Authorities to be connected to it.
  • Provision of Warranty and Maintenance services for equipment and applications.

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