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Meteorological Radar Network Development

Brief Description of the Project

The specific project involves the completion and modernization of the existing meteorological information collection network, which consists of meteorological RADARS that constitute internationally a basic equipment for tracking and forecasting the weather conditions, especially in cases where the weather shows characteristics that will possibly create problems in a citizen’s everyday life. 

The project aims at integrating the existing network, in order to cover the largest possible part of the country and produce a high-resolution image, instantly resulting in the collection of a bigger volume of meteorological information to be processed, in order to produce, combining with the rest meteorological information collection systems of the HNMS, reliable local forecasts.

All RADARS will be remote controlled by the HNMS, the HAF, and the familiar meteorology office where applicable, and their function will be constantly controlled by the familiar meteorology office and by the HNMS. 

The image of the meteorological RADAR, will have a 2x2 km resolution within the whole country and combined with numerical models of a limited area, the satellite images and the Nowcasting System (Olympic Projects), will provide a complete early warning system, the exploitation of which will benefit the local authorities and by extension the citizen.

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