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PREVISION: Prediction and Visual Intelligence for Security Information
Horizon 2020 – Secure Societies
24 months
The mission of PREVISION is to empower the analysts and investigators of LEAs with tools and solutions not commercially available today, to handle and capitalize on the massive heterogeneous data streams that must be processed during complex crime investigations and threat risk assessments. With criminals being ever more determined to use new and advanced technology for their cause, the aim is to establish PREVISION as an open and future-proof platform for providing cutting-edge practical support to LEAs in their fight against terrorism, organised crime and cybercrime, which represent three major cross-border security challenges that are often interlinked.

PREVISION provides advanced near-real-time analytical support for multiple big data streams (coming from online social networks, the open web, the Darknet, CCTV and video surveillance systems, traffic and financial data sources, and many more), subsequently allowing their semantic integration into dynamic and self-learning knowledge graphs that capture the structure, interrelations and trends of terrorist groups and individuals, cybercriminal organisations and organised crime groups, giving rise to enhanced situational awareness in these fields.

PREVISION has a pan-European engagement and support agenda for LEAs: ten (10) different LEAs and practitioners take part in its consortium, while additional ones (including Europol) have joined its external advisory board. A strong inter-disciplinary dimension, combining technological expertise with sociological, psychological, linguistic and data science models, will lead to a common strategic approach for predicting abnormal and deviant behaviour, radicalisation potential, threat risks for soft targets, and cybercrime trends at different timescales. PREVISION will conduct demonstrations on five representative and complementary use cases, under real-life operational conditions, in full compliance with fundamental rights and applicable legislation.


                                                          • Institute of Communication and Computer Systems(Greece) - Coordinator
                                                          • Fraunhofer (IOSB) Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Angewandten Forschung E.V. (Germany)
                                                          • Etra Investigacion y Desarrollo SA (Spain)
                                                          • Itti SP Zoo (Poland)
                                                          • IFMPT Institut fur Prognosetechnik Vertriebs GMBH (Germany)
                                                          • Baltijos Pazangiu Technologiju Institutas (Lithuania)
                                                          • Ethniko Kentro Erevnas kai Technologikis Anaptyxis (Greece)
                                                          • Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Spain)
                                                          • Siveco Romania SA (Romania)
                                                          • Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique CNRS (France)
                                                          • Space Hellas SA (Greece)
                                                          • Stichting Cuing Foundation (Netherlands)
                                                          • Michael Culture (Belgium)
                                                          • PARCS (France)
                                                          • Trilateral Research Limited (Ireland)
                                                          • Universiteit Maastricht (Netherlands)
                                                          • Catalink Limited (Cyprus)
                                                          • Toulon VAR Technologies (France)
                                                          • Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Police (France)
                                                          • Gobierno Vasco - Departamento Seguridad (Spain)
                                                          • Finansiniu Nusikaltimu Tyrimo Tarnyba prie Vidaus Reikalu Ministerijos (Lithuania)
                                                          • Hellenic Police (Greece)
                                                          • Hochschule fur den Offentlichen Dienst in Bayern (Germany)
                                                          • Kentro Meleton Asfaleias (Greece)
                                                          • Serviciul de Protectie si Paza de Stat (Moldova)
                                                          • Bayerisches Staatsministerium des Innern (Germany)
                                                          • Police Service of Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)
                                                          • Serviciul de Protectie si Paza (Romania)

                                                          Proud of our Partners