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Upgrading the Safety of the Road Network of the Peloponnese Region

The Peloponnese Region aiming to enhance the safety of the road network under its authority and provide immediate information to citizens moving on it, ran an open international tender to implement the project “Upgrading the Safety of the Road Network of the Peloponnese Region”. The project implementation was assigned to the association of companies SingularLogic - Space Hellas - Top Vision. The relevant contract was signed by Mr. P. Nikas Governor of Peloponnese Region, Mr. Sp. Manolopoulos Executive Chairman at Space Hellas and SingularLogic, and Mr. P. Marouklas CEO at Top Vision.

In particular, the project incorporates the supply, installation, and operational commencement of Variable Message Signs, as well as the Meteorological Stations supporting systems, that are of high technical and operating specifications. Moreover, the project includes the installation and operation of the SenseOne IoT Cloud Platform, which will monitor and manage the Signs and the Meteorological Stations, and their maintenance. The platform will collect real-time data from meteorological measurements and will automatically deliver messages to the Signs regarding weather forecasts, the condition of the road surface, and Civil Protection messages, in addition to informative, touristic, and cultural ones in both Greek and English languages, contributing to enhanced road safety for citizens moving on the Region's road network, by providing timely information.  The platform connects to third-party systems utilizing all available data, thus providing a central operational control point. Data are monitored and presented in meaningful Dashboards that give an integrated and comprehensive picture of the systems operations, helping minimize the complexity of the various related services the Region provides. Additionally, it will support decision-making based on real-time data to create measurable benefits for the citizens.

The know-how, experience, and specialization possessed by each company of the association, SingularLogic, Space Hellas, and Top Vision, constitute a safe framework to successfully implement this innovative project and achieve the objectives set by the Region. SingularLogic, a member of the Space Hellas Group, is the lead coordinating company of the association of companies.

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