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Digital Cultural Network of the Folklore Museums of Samos

Following a tender of the Municipality of Eastern Samos, Space Hellas undertook the implementation of the project «Digital cultural network of the Folklore Museums of Samos». It is about the creation of a digital cultural network of the eight Folklore Museums of Samos, which currently do not have high readability and traffic, with the aim of creating an integrated view of the island's cultural reserve by digital means, using digital and active media / applications.

In more detail, the project concerns the creation of a web portal for the public display of the museums network with eight Micro sites, one for each museum, as well as the implementation of a mobile browser application in selected museums, with digital tour capabilities using augmented reality technologies. Upon completion of the project, museum visitors and the general public will be offered the opportunity of a unique visiting experience, as they will have at their disposal integrated communication and interaction services with the cultural, folklore and historical content of the museums. In addition, historians, folklorists, researchers and young people will benefit from the contact with the rare and valuable to the scientific community material. The aim of the project is to enable the Folklore Museums of Samos to become extroverted and active, offering the public easy access to their cultural and folklore material.

The project includes the development of digital infrastructures, modern services and applications, aiming at the gradual digital transformation of the folklore museums of the island with digital media. Samos’s folklore museums are the following: a) Folklore Museum of Dimitriou Foundation, b) Folklore Museum of Koumeika “Dimitrios Papaioannou”, c) Historical and Folklore Museum of Karlovasi, d) Folklore Museum of Pagonda, e) Folklore Museum of Mesogeia, f) Wine Folklore Museum of Ampelos, g) Folklore Museum of Mavratzaioi and h) Folklore museum of Mytilinioi.

The Museums utilize modern digital and interactive technologies, interactive applications, augmented reality and digital tours.

Space Hellas, with high know-how and experience in the field of digital applications, utilizes all the potential of modern technology to implement another important project in the area of digital culture, highlighting the cultural heritage of our country.

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