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FRAPORT GREECE awards the physical security systems of the 14 regional airports to SPACE HELLAS

Following a call for tenders, Space Hellas - as subcontractor of INTRAKAT - has been awarded the implementation of FRAPORT GREECE project. The project includes the implementation of an integrated Access Control System (ACS) and a Video Management System (VMS). A Control Center at FRAPORT GREECE HQs in Athens will be operating for the monitoring of all the systems. Fourteen regional Control Centers dedicated to systems management at a local level, will be installed at each one of the airports operated and managed by FRAPORT GREECE.

The Control Centers in Athens and at Thessaloniki Airport will be operating on a 24h basis and will be responsible for the remote operations management of the ACS and VMS systems, situated at each one of the fourteen regional airports. Based on the design of the system architecture, all remote sites can be managed, monitored and controlled in real time by the operators at the headquarters or at other selected sites, through a common platform for all installations.

Entrance to all security controlled areas at all facilities, will be monitored and controlled by the ACS through the use of RFID cards. The airport facilities will be monitored through the VMS Video Management System, which features IP cameras with built-in video analytics. The Access Control System is fully integrated with the Video Management System, providing a unified security solution. Furthermore, it is designed based on an open architecture that allows for further integration into building automation systems.

The overall solution offered by Space Hellas has been designed based on Robert Bosch security products.

Space Hellas's extensive know-how, highly trained personnel and proven experience in complex security solutions, guarantee the successful implementation for any project in private or public sector and for any business or organization.

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