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Space Hellas: Successful completion of the EMISSION project

The EMISSION research project was successfully completed by its project coordinator Space Hellas, and the participating organizations: National Observatory of Athens, University of West Attica, DRAXIS Environmental and ENCO. The EMISSION project concerns the development of an information platform for monitoring and recording air pollution conditions in an urban smart city environment, through a wireless network of sensors. EMISSION focuses on the monitoring of gaseous and particulate pollutants related to serious effects on human health and for which there is a history of high levels or exceeding concentration limits in the greater Athens area.

The purpose of the project was to complete and consolidate the National Monitoring Centre for Atmospheric Pollution (ATOAP) within the Attica Urban Complex, through the siting of new stations for the measurement of gaseous pollution in areas not covered by the existing network.

The project has used comprehensive sensor and application systems for computers and smartphones and has contributed to filling gaps in existing measurement infrastructures, mainly in terms of informing citizens in real time.

Various types of state-of-the-art technologies were used for the implementation of the system, including wireless sensor networks, data networks, databases, geographic information systems (GIS), atmospheric parameter calibration processes through instrumentation, analytical Webmapping techniques, phenomena forecasting techniques, and applications for smartphones and internet.

The EMISSION project was implemented in the framework of the RESEARCH-CREATE-INNOVATE Action and was co-financed by the European Union and national resources through the Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program.

Dr Evangelos Gerasopoulos, head of the Institute for Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry of the Athens National Observatory, who has the role of the operational manager of the system, points out: "Such collaborations between Greek research and academic bodies leading to their objects and recognised companies in their business field, show once again the dynamic development of innovative services and products, with the partnership of research and entrepreneurship in our country."

Space Hellas R&D Division has demonstrated many successful projects in recent years, recognized at a pan-European level, as well as important collaborations with high prestige European companies and academic institutions. By constantly investing in research and development, it builds upon technological achievements, opportunities and its high know-how to create innovative solutions with a competitive advantage.

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