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Cyprus Police awards e-Crime project to Space Hellas

Space Hellas has been awarded the implementation of the e-Crime project for the Cyprus Police: "Providing software, hardware and technical support services, installation and users training". The offered software is the Web Intelligence platform named "Voyager" by Web-IQ.

The project includes the procurement of specialized software for dealing with the risks of internet crimes, as well as the installation, acceptance checks, training, warranty, maintenance and technical support services for the Cyprus Police staff.

The project's aim is to implement the necessary infrastructure at the Cybercrime Division of the Cyprus Police, for the prevention of internet crimes against physical and legal entities.

The strategic partnership between Space Hellas and Web-IQ has been the result of the highly successful implementation of the e-Crime project in Greece. Space Hellas participates in the share capital of the Dutch Company. Web-IQ's unique technology and expertise provide Space Hellas with a competitive advantage in the domain of Big Data Analytics and positioning the company in the developing market of Digital Risk Management with the offer of a trustworthy, integrated and fully customizable solution.

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