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Chairman’s Message


Dear Customers, Associates and Shareholders,

Space Hellas boasts a  record of success in the field of telecommunications, networking and high technology since 1985, having substantially contributed to the introduction of such technologies in major corporations and the subsequent increase in productivity enjoyed by our clients.

The past two decades have seen dramatic developments in electronic technology, bringing us revolutionary applications in telecommunications and information technology and drastically changing our way of life; new forms of communication, information and entertainment - not to mention "infotainment" - have brought formerly unthinkable possibilities to our everyday life.

In this ever-escalating course of technological advances, we should consider ourselves fortunate to be living in the era that brought life to mobile telephony, digital television and the Internet.

Space Hellas owes its success to technology. We developed along with the wave of technology surrounding us. Our company is comprised mainly of engineers harnessing these technologies to work for the benefit of our customers.

The principles that formed the building blocks of our company will continue to serve as our driving force for the future; these are none other than consistency and respect for our customers and associates, paired with ceaseless efforts for further enhancing the quality of our services.

Our vision is to make Space Hellas our customers' first choice for the technological solutions we offer.

In business terms, this is a difficult era, what with the recent stock market crisis and international recession. Business needs are exceptionally demanding in the fields of competitiveness, productivity, innovation and deep knowledge of customer needs.

Despite the major crisis in the IT market, the year 2004 showed that Space Hellas is capable of maintaining a profitable and dignified presence on the market, continuously developing technology and quality for the benefit of its numerous trusting clients.

We will continue our upward course in the future with much zeal and optimism. Our company has now made a dynamic entrance into the field of complex turnkey projects, making good use of our know-how and expertise in project management through the major projects we have already completed in the field of networking and telecoms.

We believe that our success will continue in the future, and we would like to thank all of you for your invaluable help and support.

Spyridon Manolopoulos

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Space Hellas

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