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Financial Sector

The Internet and the prevalence of on-line networks brought about radical changes in the Greek Banks, as well as in the companies of the financial sector.

The communication and briefing of a Bank's executives are facilitated considerably by the development of Intranets. The communication with the customer acquires a new dimension inasmuch as the service of customers, around the clock, 365 days per year, is made possible via web applications, banking portals and telephone exchanges based on IP technology.

The centre of focus is shifting from the numerous old type branches to an intelligent central management of demands and their subsequent satisfaction, within a short time interval, even in the customer's own facilities (e.g. issuing of cards, loans etc.)

The operational costs are decreased dramatically, and the most innovative, pioneer banks survive in conditions of hard competition by making use of modern Internet technologies.

Space Hellas specializes in the coverage of needs and the support of major Banks and Financial Organizations. Today, roughly 2/3 of the daily transactions in the Greek Banking system are carried out via on - line networks, which Space Hellas has designed, implemented and supports on a 24-hour basis. A modern financial institution may contact Space Hellas for:

  • wired and wireless networking solutions
  • telephone exchanges (traditional and ΙΡ)
  • data storage systems
  • studies on the safety of systems
  • development of mechanisms of secured data transmission
  • network monitoring of branches via digital image recording
  • wirings of buildings
  • network management via special software
  • 24-hour technical support
  • contracts on annual or multiannual maintenance

Below, you can see, the large number of banking groups, which have entrusted to Space Hellas their projects since many years:

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