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In addition to the technological revolution, developments in the means of transportation have significantly compressed time expended in covering long distances.

Such public, urban communication means as the bus, the metro and the tram require a strong infrastructure both in automations and in IT and communication systems.

Long distance transportation means, e.g. interurban busses, ferry boats and airplanes operate on the basis of an extensive platform of hi-tech products ensuring on-time and secure service to passengers.

Space Hellas has extensive experience in the transportation field, providing solutions and products, which are either developed in-house, or procured by agency from world acclaimed manufacturers. These products/solutions relate to the following transportation applications:

  • Telematics: for proper routing and timely passenger advice on schedules. This cuts down on wait periods at bus stops.
  • Ticketing systems
  • Fleet management systems
  • Station cabling
  • Air passengers' services systems (baggage collection, baggage security control, etc.)
  • Communication networks between near or remote transport centers/organizations

An indicative list of Space Hellas' clients in the transportation sector follows:



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