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Studies & Engineering

Studies and designs for setting up LANs / WANs / INTRANETs in compliance with spearhead technologies requires careful consideration of the operational environment which such applications are intended to service, and may be costly both in terms of time and personnel training.

Space Hellas has accumulated a wealth of experience in studies/designs and implementation of the largest voice/data/image networks in the country.

Space Hellas engineers have an excellent knowledge of the networking environment of the company's clients. When requested by our clients, they may be contacted to provide free consultation services regarding network design issues and network expansion/upgrade. This service aims to help our clients keep up their networks to date with modern operating conditions and sector requirements.

The design of a network that takes absolute notice of company needs and particular operating characteristics ensures the highest levels of company performance, network availability and reliability, as well as ROI in a short period of time.

All services mentioned above are ISO 9001:2008 certified and offered by qualified, skilled and experienced Space Hellas personnel.

Space Hellas ISO certifications
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