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One of the many strong points of Space Hellas is to build co-operations with domestic and foreign firms, thus creating the best possible conditions for tackling all projects. For the smooth function of such co-operations, Space Hellas applies its long experience in the management of activities relating to the preliminaries and implementation of large and complex projects. At the same time Space Hellas outsources the required specialized know-how, which it combines with in-house technological and organizational experience.

In this context Space Hellas has forged solid cooperation with companies availing profiles that qualify them to come under wider System Integration ensembles for carrying out large projects. Space Hellas aims to create an "ecosystem" of synergies which form the background for orchestrating optimal and competitive technical-economic offers which, on the one hand, meet the needs of clients and are beneficial for all parties involved, on the other hand.

Similarly, Space Hellas is flexible enough to adjust to the requirements of broader synergistic ensembles in the context of set procedures. Space Hellas' invaluable technological expertise makes it an ideal partner for all major foreign firms with interest in System Integration accounts in Greece. A non-exhaustive list of firms that Space Hellas has cooperated with in project preliminaries include:

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