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Data Centers & Computer Rooms

Areas suitable for storage and housing of special equipment for companies, institutions, government agencies, banks which operate, handle or distribute large amounts of information and data. Specifically, for the construction of such sites the following are required:

  • Continuous provision of electrical power (power grid, UPS, Power generators)

Computer systems, as well as other electronic devices, are affected by power cuts of long and short duration, due to their design, which requires provision of direct current power (DC). They cannot store sufficient portions of power in order to cope with such unpredictable events, which appear almost daily. Power outages interrupt the operation of a computer system and cause data loss, possible machine damage and definitely annoyance. The provision of continuous flow of electrical power is obtained through the combination of energy utilities (electricity) and systems UPS/ Power Generators. The UPS can be used to provide power in case of power failure of short duration or until the entry into operation of a backup generator that is able to provide power for a longer time.

  • Access Control (Access Control Systems)

The site that is created for the installation of the Computer Room - Data Center, should have access control enabled so that only authorized persons are permitted to enter. The system may include card readers, emergency push buttons for opening doors locally, presence control unit, etc.

  • Fire Detection and Protection

Fire detection and protection are two important capabilities that must be present in every Computer Room - Data Center. The site should be protected by a fire detection and fire extinguishing system. The design and installation of such systems should meet the requirements and safety standards (BFPSA, NFPA 2001, etc.).

  • Special conditions of air conditioning / ventilation

Air conditioning and ventilation systems should be installed on site to provide controlled temperature and humidity on a 24-hour basis. In this way, overheating of equipment is avoided, therefore assuring the longest and uninterrupted operation of the system.

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Data Centers & Computer Rooms
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