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Security Systems

Nowadays, every company demands an effective protection against all actions and threats that could jeopardize its production process, its financial figures and, in effect, the company’s reputation itself; not to mention the sense of insecurity that would be conveyed to its employees.

The security threats looming over a business today are more sophisticated, less visible and less predictable than in the recent past. Ambitious violators employ superior means and methods, which soon render outdated and passive surveillance systems an ineffective remnant of the past. Security threats can even originate from within the company itself: whether by mistake or by deceit, employees making illegal use of their privileges and rights will ultimately inflict damages on the company.

In this light, reinforcing the security of areas against illegal and ill-intended actions is a one-way road for the company of today; employing state-of-the-art methods and technologies to this end is more pressing and imperative than ever.

The Security solutions offered by Space Hellas are well suited for all types of enterprises and organizations. Space Hellas offers integrated solutions, covering all the components required for the effective surveillance, by providing the necessary security products & services. These components can be identified in general terms, as:


Access control systems enable the segmentation of a guarded area into zones with distinct levels of access, while central management is provided over all personnel and guest traffic. Also in place is a chronological database for the easy access and retrieval of recorded entries.

Access control systems are capable of covering numerous and physically remote buildings and they can even be designed to work in conjunction with parking bars, magnetic locks and biometric authentication devices, such as fingerprint identification, iris scanners, voice recognition units etc.

Another useful application of access control systems is checking the duration of personnel presence for accounting purposes.


Perimeter security systems are the prime method of protection encountered at the physical boundaries of a guarded area. These external boundaries can be either the fencing of an area hosting facilities and premises, or the buildings themselves.

Space Hellas offers perimeter security services and systems at two levels:

  • The physical level, which includes all the necessary infrastructures to deter unauthorized entry
  • The violation detection level, which includes the systems required in order to identify and record the incident, while activating the interconnected complementary security systems (alarms, CCTV systems.

Protection at the physical level is achieved by the construction of fencing with high-security specifications and the reinforcement / safeguarding of the vulnerable points on the premises that could potentially be used for trespassing.

At the detection level one can find a multitude of sensors and detectors employing a wide array of technologies. These include products for the detection of intrusion along the fencing (taut-wire systems and vibration-sensitive cables installed on the surface or under the ground), microwave, infrared or laser sensors (which create an invisible "gridwall" that sounds an alarm when violated), motion detectors, magnetic contacts, glass break / pressure / vibration sensors and more. Needless to say, depending on the specific needs we can also provide Radar and Sonar systems for covering large areas of sensitive facilities.


The area surveillance with the use of either a closed circuit TV (CCTV) or network circuit (IP Surveillance), enables the detection and recording of illegal actions and the assessment / evaluation of hazards that might exist.

Surveillance systems allow us to identify any actual menace and determine its gravity. Imaging data is easily managed and accessed from any point along a network, quickly and efficiently with centralized reporting of error and alert messages.

  • Image recorders (cameras) & Lenses

Video cameras (analogue or network) in conjunction with the appropriate lenses are responsible for the recording of images. Cameras are a vital component for the successful deployment of a physical security system. Network cameras encode and transmit imaging information over TCP/IP networks.

The image recorders offered with our systems include advanced optical and digital zoom features, with high-resolution and high-sensitivity specifications, capable of operating in low-light or even no-light conditions, when assisted by infrared spotlights.

  • Digital (DVRs) and Network (NVRs) Image Recorders

The use of digital and network image recorders (DVR/NVR) enables:

    • Centralized depiction of the situation at any given moment
    • Remote control of mobile cameras
    • Conversion of audiovisual data into digital information
    • Recording of information on digital storage devices
    • Reproduction / retrieval of incidents from the stored data.

Depending on the digital recording system employed, the data can be stored with an electronic watermark (digital signature) embedded in the information, ensuring the authenticity of the material and allowing it to be used as evidence in court, whether reproduced by the recorder itself or stored on a portable device.


Space Hellas has exclusively developed an "intelligent" Physical Security system: the revolutionary Universal Surveillance Box (USB) system, includes an innovative, high technology application, which enables a number of different security systems to smoothly interact with each other. As an automated IT system, the key purpose of the USB is to offer valid and immediate notification of physical or technical hazards (space violation, sabotage, technical malfunctions, human errors, natural disasters etc.).

The USB is fitted with a multitude of different interfaces, in order to enable direct connection with other security sub-systems and sensors. The USB can provide centralized and simultaneous management over:

  • Surveillance Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Number Plate Recognition (NPR) Systems
  • Perimeter Protection Systems
  • Alarm Systems.

With the use of the USB, the minimization of the amount of human participation in the decision making process is achieved, as well as the acceleration of the necessary procedural actions for dealing with the crisis.


  • Access Control
  • Surveillance by Use of Image / Sound Recording
  • Perimeter Guarding
  • Authentication of Personnel by Use of Biometric Detectors
  • Motion Detection and Recording of Events / Illegal actions
  • Object Classification
  • Number Plate Recognition (NPR) Systems
  • Security Systems for Transportation Means (Taxis, Vans, Tank Trucks Carrying Flammable Materials etc.)
  • Identification of Vandalism - Illegal Actions
  • Person Count and Statistical Analysis of Data
  • Container Identification
  • "Smart" Motion Detection (Fire Detection, Virtual Fence Applications, Detection via Appearance or Disappearance of Objects).

More information can be found here.

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