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Information Security

The extensive use of information systems for storage, processing and transmission of digital information are the sine qua non of our modern society. This is particularly true today, when risks of corporate data leaks and corruption have a direct bearing on the corporate image. Corruption of company data may bring havoc to years of efforts to maintain a reliable profile, one that inspires trust in markets.

The spread of the Internet, as a global information exchange highway, allows modern companies direct communication with partners/associates/suppliers and a wealth of transaction possibilities. All these activities comprise the spectrum of Electronic Business, where reliability and the impetus of business solutions are put to the test in the globalizing arena of the Internet. This trend of doing business, against the backdrop of institutional and regulatory frameworks, brings companies to grips with network and information security issues.

Seeing the need for professional, high quality solutions to protect digital information, Space Hellas has invested for more than 10 years in Information and IT Security offering integrated solutions that address the client needs meeting the desired security levels at an optimal cost.



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