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Telecoms & Networking

The rapid development and convergence of IT and Telecom technologies - combined with the endless applications made possible by the Internet - have created new challenges in the ongoing endeavor of companies and organizations for smooth and efficient operation.

Data communications are nowadays an integral part of the daily business procedures and activities of an organization. Network infrastructures comprise the key axis around which numerous operations are structured: business applications, user-to-user communication, integrated data -  voice - video applications, access to and exchange of information and launching of new services.

In a fiercely competitive world, modern organizations need to provide their customers with innovative solutions and reliable services. This is especially important in view of the current situation in the business world: both on the Greek and the international market, the ever-changing and evolving conditions call for non-stop attention to advancements in technology so that these may be incorporated into the organization’s operations.

In order for an organization to provide a high standard of services in all its activities, a modern and flexible communications infrastructure is required. Some of the most decisive factors for the accomplishment of this goal are: good network design, properly installed active network components, use of the most suitable technology, expandability, flexibility in the management system, reliability and quality support services.

For the past 25 years, Space Hellas has been dynamically present in the field of Telecommunications and Information Technology. The longstanding and proven experience of Space Hellas in designing, deploying and providing support to large, complex networks for Financial Institutions, Large Enterprises and organizations of the Public Sector have ranked the company at the top of the market in its field.

By investing in its human resources with the continuous trainings and certifications from established manufacturers, in conjunction with an impressive track record of success in the field, Space Hellas can guarantee efficient provision of services at an exceptionally high standard.

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