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By strengthening its competitive advantage, which is its long experience in the field of high technology and telecommunications, Space Hellas studies, designs, implements and supports integrated solutions to meet the current and future needs of its clients.

Having established an excellent cooperation with the largest firms of the industry, Space Hellas is vested with the required know-how which qualifies the company to provide a wide spectrum of consulting services adjusted to the special requirements of corporations in the broader public sector and the Armed Forces. The company offers global solutions - from the stage of design, to support and to personnel training.

With an emphasis on substance and the integrated handling of each project, the comparative advantage of Space Hellas is its aptitude to identify precisely the business and operational needs of each client and thus provide the most functional and effective solutions which are distinguished for:

  • yielding a high Return-on-Investment (ROI)
  • making a best fit with existing client procedures and infrastructure
  • enhancing trustworthiness, reliability and ensuring expandability

Space Hellas takes an absolute but also flexible hold on complex Projects involving consulting services the quality of which is warranted by a cycle of combined assessments by the company's departments of Engineering, Sales, and Project Management.

Space Hellas' approach to integrated project handling spins around three axes:

  • System Integration
  • Technical & Business Consulting
  • Project Management

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