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Client :

Plaisio Computers

Contracted object :

WAN, LAN networks

Year contracted : Sep./1999

Brief Description of the Project

During the last few years Plaisio Computers manifested admirable growth in all aspects of its activities. Consequently, the company's IT and network needs skyrocketed, as was the number of staff recruitments. Prior to contacting Space Hellas for advice, the client was contemplating the installation of a SAP platform to meet ERP needs. To increase the effectiveness of the SAP platform, the client had to upgrade its LANs in all 7 of its branches, and also obtain increased bandwidth for particular WAN links at specific nodes.

Prior to making its offer, the account manager and engineers of Space Hellas called in Plaisio Computers' HQ to assess home operations. A questionnaire was distributed to the client's staff and officers to establish client needs and project challenges. After a series of meetings with the client's IT and networking department, Space Hellas was able to establish and register the true picture concerning the current and future needs of the client.

Following this diagnostic procedure, Space Hellas proposed the following:

  • upgrading of existing client LANs installed at 7 nodes
  • upgrading of numerous WAN connections, including the support equipment on existing client network

The upgraded WAN connections have the capacity to take up the challenge of increased traffic in the nodes. Space Hellas also proposed a “Voice over Data” technology which affords the client reduced operating costs resulting from long distance volume cut-backs.

For the LAN design Space Hellas engineers utilized 3 Com technology switches, i.e. the SuperStack 3 3300T model. Each switch contains twenty four (24) 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports. The aim was to switch over from the conventional 10 Base T Ethernet to switched 10/100 Mbps and attain a multi-layer switching with the aim to increase bandwidth performance and optimization.

For the WAN connections we utilized Motorola routers – the Vanguard series. Specifically, the client decided to replace a large number of Vanguard 320 units with Vanguard 6435, which are more dynamic.

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