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PAPISTAS COMMERCIAL (fleet management)

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The PAPISTAS COMMERCIAL S.A. is a leading telecommunications consultant in Northern Greece , providing integrated products and services. The company avails an extensive, alternative sales network involving agents, wholesalers-distributors, direct sales to enterprises-clients and multilevel marketing. To upgrade its services to clients and associates, and also improve its operations, this company required a modern solution for a more effective company-truck management – the trucks being operated by a network of sales consultants and distributors. Following market research, the company's alternate CEO, Mr. Parcharides decided that “the Fleet Management solution of Space Hellas best meets our needs”.

Even from stage one of system implementation,” continued Mr. Parcharides, “we have at our disposal the required information to establish company truck movements, truck routes/itineraries, geographical identification of truck stops in relation to customer locations, duration of stops, duration of stops at customer location σ , truck speeds, as well as a host of other truck/route related information.

There is no doubt that we are furnished with a user-friendly tool which allows us direct access to reliable information about our fleet and its movements. It is also extremely practical in the day-to-day management of our human resources and vehicles. The Space Hellas ' solution keeps surprising us with its breadth of possibilities. For example, it takes no more than a click to identify the location of our personnel and trucks on the road. This offers us considerable savings in costly cellular communication, as well as time savings. The fact that we are now able to monitor driver-performance on the road has significantly reduced traffic fines and vehicles' wear and tear, while gas-mileage performance has improved. We would not be surprised if, during the short period this system has been in application, the operating costs of our fleet dropped significantly.

One of the key features of the system is its capacity to identify those customers that make excessive us of our sales agents'/distributors' time. This feature, combined with other information reflecting our overall activities, allows the company to produce comprehensive and reliable human resources management plans and thus improve productivity.

Lastly, I would like to point out that the contribution of Fleet Management in the safety/security of our drivers/fleet has been very significant. The same is true of our customer service performance, as we are now able to identify delivery delays, correct scheduling faults and improve organization and route management. At the same time the system includes a feature which allows us to advise customers of delivery time adjustments when unforeseen circumstances arise.

To attain the best possible results from system implementation, our company cooperated closely with Space Hellas to create a unique solution adjusted to our operating needs, which resulted in increased company profits. During the stages of system implementation and demonstration, we had the opportunity to establish the skills and high level of expertise of Space Hellas ' personnel, which are a warranty for an equal level of technical support”.

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