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VORIOELLADIKI AXEPEY (Northern Greece Stock Brokering Company for the Provision of Investment Services)

Client :


Contracted object : Integrated informatics and communications network (system integration)
Year contracted : 4/1999

Concise Description of the Project

In the spring of 1999, Space Hellas undertook the study, supply, installation and support of the relevant equipment in order to meet the requirements of data processing and internetworking of  VORIOELLADIKI AXEPEY.

Within one year (spring 1999-spring 2000), VORIOELLADIKI AXEPEY opened two new branches in Athens and Eptalophos of Thessalonica, and expanded its central offices at Ionos Dragoumi St, in Thessalonica, from one to four floors. In addition, in the autumn of 1999, it established the departments of Data Processing and back - office, with which Space Hellas collaborated for the extensions of the initial order, as well as for the fulfilment of their emerging needs.

Since the spring of 2000 onwards, the company established also other branches throughout Greece (from Alexandroupolis to Heraklion).

During these years, Space Hellas implemented together with its collaborators, the following sub-projects for the VORIOELLADIKI AXEPEY :

  • Intranet: T he central offices were interconnected with all the branches via Hellascom lines. MOTOROLA Routers were used and a Voice-over Data network was implemented with the use of telephone interfaces (E1, ISDN, E&M, FXS, and FXO). ISDN BRI lines are used as back - up of the Hellascom lines.
  • Telephone exchanges: All telephone exchanges, being of outdated technology and minor capabilities, were replaced by modern PBXs of ERICSSON. Currently, there are telephone exchanges of this type in operation, which provided the opportunity for the implementation of an excellently parameterised voice - switching network. Specifically, the PBX of the central offices operates via an ISDN PRI line, is equipped with voice - mail and an intra-building antenna for the interface of DECT wireless telephones. All PBXs are equipped with call waiting and call data recording software.
  • Structured cabling: So much in the 4 floors of the central offices as much as in the company's branches, all the passive cable equipment was replaced by a modern structured cabling system. Furthermore, VGA passive and active systems were installed, as well as all the television antennas for the on - line monitoring of the stock exchange from all the monitors of the offices.
  • Active LAN equipment: Individual LANs were set-up by means of the supply of suitable active equipment: hubs and switches from 10 up to 1000 Mbps (Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet).
  • Information technology hardware: New PCs and Servers, all brand-named (SIEMENS, COMPAQ), were installed in various operational systems ( SQL , NT , W 98, W 2000). The servers are used as File, Ordering, Terminal, Proxy, Web, Mail and DNS. Likewise, various Laptops, Monitors and Printers were supplied.
  • UPS: For the continuous operation of active systems UPS were supplied at all sites.
  • Fast data transmission software: A CITRIX Metaframe was installed in the Terminal Server (initially as TSE and later as W 2000), which thanks to the ICA protocol allows the fastest data transmission over WAN networks, so that the terminals of the company's branches can communicate faster with the central offices' databases.
  • Connection with the Athens Stock Exchange and the Stock Exchange Centre of Thessalonica: The Company's central offices in Thessalonica were interconnected with the Athens Stock Exchange and the Stock Exchange Centre of Thessalonica , in order that all telephone appliances in the company's boxes can operate as internal in their telephone exchange.
  • Digital recorders: The telephone exchanges were interconnected with digital recorders of ASC's calls, so that the calls that stockbrokers make to or accept from their customers are stored in DVDs. Besides, by means of the Intranet and a suitable Network Management Software, the administrator can manage from the central offices the digital recorders of the branches.
  • Internet: With regard to the Internet access, a connection via a leased line with the Forthnet was established, with a non-charged circuit with the use of NOKIA baseband modems and a Cisco Systems router. The Proxy - Web - Mail - DNS Servers were parameterized. The infrastructure for the communication of collaborating Stock Brokering Companies (A.E.L.D.E.) with VORIOELLADIKI AXEPEY via the internet was implemented with the use of VPNs.
  • Firewall: F irewall equipment of Cisco Systems was installed; a safety study was also conducted, according to which its appropriate parameterization was carried out.
  • Antivirus: 101 authorisations of McAfee antivirus software were supplied and later on of F - Secure, accompanied by a contract for the programs' updates and upgrades.
  • Office machines: Inkjet and laser FAX machines were installed, analogue copiers and a heavy - duty network digital copier- printer of MINOLTA. For the printing of tags a large dot matrix printer of GENICOM was supplied. In the framework of o ffice machines supply powerful document destroyers were ordered as well as banknote counters.
  • Projection system: In the customers' room a SONY video projector was installed, which was interconnected with the company's network for the on - line projection of the stock exchange as well as for the use of in-house seminars.
  • Phone Call Center : Software connected with the SQL base of portfolios, in order that the customers can be informed on their investments over the phone in an interactive process, but also to be able to place their buy or sell stock orders.
  • Connection with PROFILE: Permanent connection with the PROFILE company, which provides the Stock Exchange software. The connection is implemented by HDSL modems of NOKIA and is protected by the Firewall
  • Surveillance: SONY surveillance system with cameras, monitors, multiplexer s, amplifiers and a video recorder for the company's central offices.
  • Technical Support: Complete maintenance contract, with interventions to all the company's sites.

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