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Client :

Hellenic National Meteorological Service

Object :

“Automated System for the collection of weather information / data”

Year :


Brief Description of the Project

Following a call for tenders by the Ministry of Defense (ΓΕΑ/ΥΠΕΠΑ), Space Hellas joined other companies in a venture named “J/V FOR THE MODERNIZING EMY EQUIPMENT” and won the project titled “Modernization of EMY equipment in view of the Athens Olympic games 2004”.

This project is about an automated weather data detection/collection system involving the procurement, upgrade and development of a network of weather equipment for the transmission and processing of data by the main computer for the issue of forecasts.

The project aims to upgrade the performance of the National Weather Service (EMY) to an acceptable level of services in view of the Athens Olympic games 2004, and for practical applications after the games.

The project individual objects are the following:

  • procurement and installation of a modern (top specifications) Doppler Weather Radar to be installed on the isle of Aegina to cover the Athens area
  • design for Radar implementation and construction of the required infrastructure (civil/electrical/mechanical engineer works)
  • procurement and installation of mobile Wind Profiler Radar . This system is intended to furnish EMY with round-the-clock measurements of wind speed, temperature and other weather data. This information will be transmitted via suitable phone lines and be used to make weather forecasts and issue extreme weather bulletins,
  • design of system implementation and construction of supporting infrastructure
  • development and installation of an Integrated Weather Support System to collect and display weather information in an interactive, user-friendly, environment
  • procurement and installation of a weather warning system, the Nowcasting , for near-real-time weather information. This system will be deployed to collect and process all available weather information from the network of Weather Radars and the satellite system of EMY, gather the numeric models, land and upper atmosphere data to automatically produce (at specific time intervals) short term weather forecasts valid for short periods of time (hours). In addition, this system is capable of issuing emergency warnings for high-speed winds on land, high temperatures, low visibility, storm events, and all extreme weather information
  • procurement and installation of a Filling and Management of Weather Information system. This requires the development of a database to host and manage all kinds of weather data produced by the individual weather detection/collection systems of EMY. The entire system will be run by specialized software applications
  • design for the construction of a New Building for EMY. This building will be designed with spaces sufficient to house the operations and sensitive equipment the Service. In addition to operations rooms and common areas, spaces will be provided to house equipment in-hand and under procurement
  • procurement, installation and setting to operation of equipment for the Olympic Weather Center to link with the EMY hardware by means of suitable information exchange and communication software. This center will be responsible for weather bulletins and support during the Olympic Games 2004. The center will be accommodated in EMY premises
  • procurement and installation of weather satellite receiver (MSG – HRPT) system to cover the entire Greek sovereignty. This system requires the installation of a suitable communication network for transmission of satellite data to the main weather stations for data decoding
  • procurement and installation of a centralized computer system for weather numerical models calculations. This is intended to automate forecast operations and issue of weather bulletins
  • functional interconnection of all sub-systems and connection of the same with the EMY installations.

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