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Client :

BOSCH TELECOM S.A., Member of the Olympic Metro Consortium

Contracted object :

Installation of Telecommunications Equipment in 21 Attiko Metro stations

Year contracted :


Brief Description of the Project

In June 1996 Space Hellas was subcontracted the installation of the bulk of telecommunications equipment for 21 stations of the ATTIKO METRO. This Telecom Network comprises three independent networks.

  • A conventional telecom network serving 21 stations and the tunnels. It consists of 2 phone centers (one at SYNTAGMA square and one more at SEPOLIA DEPOT, both connecting with DSL lines of 2Mbps.
  • A specialized telecom network for railway applications (JISRAILs) covering all 21 stations with fibre-optic interconnections. All 21 JISRAILs connect with the operations center at SYNTAGMA square. This network connects all individual, local networks of feeble current, e.g. CCTV, broadcasting systems and clocks, as well as direct phone communications at stations and tunnels (emergency devices for passenger use, power cut-off devices, dock-front devices, station master console).
  • A network of wireless communication devices comprises base transmitters installed between-stations. A radiating coaxial cable is installed on the ceiling, along the tunnel, to facilitate radio communication between the trains and the control center at SYNTAGMA. Antennas installed at proper locations within and without the stations provide radio coverage not only for the portable transceivers used by the personnel of Attiko Metro, but also for communication with the Police, Fire Department and Ambulance Service.

The entire equipment installed in each and every station is supported by UPS systems capable to maintain power supply for at least 36 hours.

In addition, a Traction Current Cut-off system was installed to connect platforms and tunnels with substations. In case of an emergency the power to the third rail must be cut-off, to allow passengers safe disembarkation when the train is immobilized in the tunnel.

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