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R & D

Space Hellas is very much into Research & Development both at National and European level, thus acknowledging the importance of niche scientific and technological knowledge on the one hand, and the exploitation of technological achievements and opportunities for innovation and satisfaction of new demands, on the other hand.

The R&D Department of Space Hellas aims at strengthening its position by analyzing current market demands and forecasting long-term opportunities. With Space Hellas' participation in pilot and research projects, at a national and European level (some funded by own means), the company embraces and develops new technologies, products and services while at the same time expands its network of associates.

Space Hellas' R&D department has a significant track record in a plethora of successful projects recognized at a European level. The company's R&D performance has drawn the attention, in the form of proposals for co-operations, of European companies and accredited academic institutions.

Notwithstanding the above, Space Hellas aims to integrate scientific knowledge and technical know-how in projects undertaken, solutions proposed and services offered. This sharpens even further the company's competitive edge in the market.

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