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Service Agreements

Issues concerning the proper network operation and direct response to network problems are very significant as failure to access data/information stored undermines business operations.

Space Hellas expends a large portion of its activities in offering high quality network communication services. Since its establishment, the company has been entrusted with the exclusive technical support of the largest private and public sector networks of the country.

Enterprises which choose Space Hellas for their communication network service needs are protected against a series of network failures at a low cost. Space Hellas is able to offer fast and top quality services to all clients, irrespective of network location and original network contractor.

A Customer Service Department dedicated to network problems is operating in Space Hellas HQ to provide immediate response to clients under service agreements.

Service Agreement Options

Depending on client needs, Space Hellas has designed numerous service options to suit particular needs.

The basic services included in these programs are the following:

Schedule of Services

Clients may choose services from:

  • Monday through Friday, 08:00 - 16:00
  • Business days, from Mon. thru Fri., 08:00 - 21:00, Sat. from 08:00-18:00
  • 24-hours, 365 days per year

On-site calls

Space Hellas engineers respond to client calls from the nearest-to-the-client service center of the company to provide on-site network services.

Response time

Following a call by the client, our engineers' response time depends of the level of crisis established and client's geographical location. This time varies from:

  • two (2) hours
  • four (4) hours
  • same day
  • following business day

Equipment replacement

This service refers to the replacement of clients' defective Hardware:

  • on same day, with similar hardware stocked by Space Hellas in 5 service centers across the country, or
  • the following business day - to ensure the least discomfort to client or business interruption

Software upgrade

This involves the installation of new versions of (major, maintenance) software with the aim to upgrade network operation and protect investment.

Telephone support

Clients may call the company's technical department for support any time during business days. This service is provided round the clock.

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