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Perimeter Security

In every organization, the perimeter is considered as the sum of the network's interfaces with the outside world. The perimeter is the network that is responsible for operational procedures and management of the organization. For example, the Internet, remote stores / sites, VPN connections and any other means that serve the external connections of the organization.


It is easily understandable that the perimeter is the first and foremost target of malicious attacks. These can be attacks against a website or an application for electronic transactions (Web Banking) or malicious denial of service attacks. At the same time, the rapid increase in the number of network services offered by a bank has led to perimeter network implementations that do not have adequate capacity to serve many users and applications, leading to problems of denial of service. Finally, the risk of "internal threats" due to "careless" or disgruntled staff is a fact that increases the vulnerability of the perimeter security.


Firewall and Unified Threat Management appliances, Intrusion Prevention and Detection, VPN connections, Secure Network Infrastructure (e.g. DMZ), Web  and Email Security solutions, Load Balancers.

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