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GUARDIAN Surveillance Platform

Space Hellas Guardian - Intelligent Security System

The pioneering security platform Space Hellas Guardian is an innovative high-tech unit developed entirely by Space Hellas. Space Hellas Guardian was developed for confronting malicious attacks which may occur in natural environments such as: military facilities, public buildings, sports facilities, casinos, industrial areas, airports, oil refineries, supermarkets, etc.

The Space Hellas Guardian platform provides combined functionality with systems such as:

  • CCTV Systems, IP Surveillance
  • Systems for collection and processing of events (access control, vehicle control, alarms, perimeter sensors and perimeter protection systems)

The Guardian platform automates processes such as detection, risk assessment, incidents announcement, management and prevention of incidents, aiming at the effective control of unauthorized activities or intrusions.


Space Hellas Guardian is an integrated information security system with advanced features, such as:

  • Valid and immediate information on physical or artificial hazards (area intrusion, sabotage, technical failures, human errors, natural disasters, etc.)
  • Incidents recording
  • Automated handling of incidents using customized security policies
  • Guidelines of necessary actions provided to security personnel for crisis management as well as recording of actions taken

Space Hellas Guardian is specially designed for installations and applications demanding effective guarding and protection from physical threats of any kind and constitutes the core of integrated physical security systems. The platform undertakes:

  • Data collection from different security systems
  • Simultaneous events and respective image recording and linking between image events with other alarms
  • Smart and conditional alarm activation combined with particular events
  • Exploitation of collected information for decision making and management of security measures
  • Immediate event reporting
  • Security policies activation
  • Supervision of procedures for event management
  • Optimization of system parameters based on collected information

Space Hellas Guardian – System Benefits

Space Hellas Guardian integrates into a unified platform different surveillance and protection systems, and automates the entire process of event monitoring and recording, timely and accurate information dissemination to the staff. The main advantages are:

  • Security platform entirely developed by Space Hellas
  • Integration of management and procedural functions
  • Supervision of Security Policies Compliance
  • Security Systems Integration
  • Client - Server Architecture for the central storage and remote management of information
  • Open architecture
  • Customized functions
  • Expandable System
  • Activity Log
  • Maximum availability and recovery in case of failure or damage
  • Fully manageable as a unified device
  • Modern Graphical User Interface

The offered system can be combined with additional security systems like cameras, alarm systems, alarm receiving centers aiming at a better coordination among the authorities and other involved parties.

You can find additional information here.

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