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Site Surveillance & Digital Image Recording

The use of a  Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) or IP Surveillance for site surveillance allows the detection and monitoring  of any illegal action and the assessment / evaluation of risk involvement.

Space Hellas offers surveillance systems' solutions  (CCTV) and digital video recording, and particularly:

  • High Definition Surveillance Systems
  • Plate Recognition System (LPR, ANPR)
  • Video Analytics Applications
  • CCTV Systems for Casinos




Basic Supported Architectures


 Hybrid Surveillance

 IP Surveillance

Analog Cameras

Analog & IP Cameras

IP Cameras

Digital Video Recorders(DVR)

Hybrid Recorders with Analog & IP Cameras connectivity    (NDVR)

Network Recorders with Analog & IP Cameras connectivity (NVR) and use of additional encoders

   Centralised Surveillance & Management Platform


Cameras & Lenses

Special cameras (analog or network), together with the appropriate lenses, are responsible for capturing the image.

The desired resolution, as well as the covered area, determines the qualitative features of the camera to be used. Megapixel cameras offer high resolution and broader area surveillance with fewer cameras.

Cameras are a vital part of the successful implementation of any physical security system.  Network cameras encode and transmit images through TCP/IP networks, and in certain cases, they can  be powered directly by a switch,  reducing the cost of required wiring.

The lens, as the key component of every camera, affects significantly the system's performance. The right selection of lens is determined by certain factors, including: the position of the camera, the lighting, the distance from the observed object, the blind spots of the area, etc.

Digital (DVRs) and Network (NVRs) Video Recorers

With the use of digital and network video recorders (DVR / NVR) the following can be realized:

  • The concentrated display of the current status as captured by different cameras (simultaneous display or image sequence)
  • The conversion of audiovisual information to digital information (in case of non digital broadcast by the cameras)
  • The recording to digital storage devices
  • Playback /search events from the stored data

The data, depending on the digital recording system, can be stored in a way that  an electronic watermark (digital signature) can ensure its authenticity, either when reproduced by the recorder, or when  stored in portable devices for special uses, such as evidence in court.

Video Analytics

Video Analytics increase the detection effectiveness significantly and help to reduce the human resources required for area guarding. This is achieved through site features “learning”, automatic recognition of site changes, and real-time update for every incident.

Video analytics technology is used effectively with high success in automatic recognition of incidents, such as:

  • Camera sabotage:
    • Change of camera visual angle
    • Change of camera focus
    • Camera coverage
  • Approach of individual in a restricted zone
  • Excessive approach to guarded object
  • Count / flow of objects or individuals
  • Theft of items
  • Removal / relocation of objects
  • Intrusion to guarded areas
  • Unattended object in guarded area
  • Vandalism
  • Opposite traffic circulation
  • Crowded  area

Offered Equipment

  • Cameras & Accessories: analog, network (IP), high resolution, infrared, high resolution with sound recording capability, PTZ, speed dome, dome, video servers , camera housing, camera brackets, pan tilt heads, IR illuminators
  • Lens: manual / autoiris, fixed / varifocal, fish-eye, zoom lenses, high definition
  • Recorders: Digital Video Recorders (DVR) & Network Video Recorders (NVR), DAS Storage devices, Control / Surveillance / Recording Software, Remote Support Software, video walls
  • Supported Image Compression Algorithms (format): Wavelet, MPEG2, MP4/H.264, MJPEG, MJPEG2000
  • Additional Equipment: Encoders - Decoders, video splitters, multiplexers, monitors, control keyboards, cabling: coaxial, UTP, fiber optic, power cables

Site Surveillance & Digital Image Recording
Access, Motion and Area Control
Perimeter Security
GUARDIAN Surveillance Platform
ATM Guard
Forest Fire Detection
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