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Access, Motion and Area Control

Access control systems allow the monitoring and control of individuals moving within guarded areas. In addition, they provide capabilities such as the separation of the guarded area into zones of escalated access as well as central administration of staff and visitors.

 Space Hellas is offering solutions for access, motion and area control systems, as follows:

  • Access control systems for staff / visitors
  • Time attendance control systems
  • Vehicle access control systems
  • Patrol control systems
  • Environmental conditions control systems

Every access control system consists of at least:

  • the central administration/control units with analog or network communication capability
  • card readers
  • e-cards for staff /visitors,  allowing escalated  access levels
  • system management software which keeps detailed records of entry - exit within guarded areas 

Offered Equipment:

  • Controllers:  different types of controllers, controller extensions, systems for elevators and floor indication, electromechanical / electromagnetic lock, relay extensions, network hubs
  • Card readers:  simple, with built-in keyboard, long range (60 cm), combined with biometric scanners (fingerprint, iris, face, etc)
  • Cards and Tags: simple proximity cards, in the form of key rings, printable on both sides, dual technology (magnetic, remote, etc)
  • Detectors and Contacts:   motion and presence detectors (microwave, infrared, laser), sound detectors (breaking glass, pressure vibrations), magnetic contacts, microwave beams with Fuzzy Analysis of digital signal, perturbation detection wires  for perimeter security, underground and terrestrial use
  • Software: access control applications with capabilities for area visual display, detailed time attendance, visitor support, network support (TCP/IP) and connectivity with other security systems

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Access, Motion and Area Control
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