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International & Domestic Connectivity

Integrated Telecom Services

Space Hellas has longstanding experience in providing integrated telecommunication services to large Greek and multinational enterprises.

Being one of the major Integrators in the Greek Telecom and IT market, Space Hellas has the ability to interface with multiple providers, analyze their technology, evaluate their offerings and propose a combined cost-effective solution that meets customer needs and expectations.

Space Hellas provides integrated telecom solutions to Greek and multinational enterprises, via selected national and international partners, ensuring uninterrupted communications. The offered telecom services are provided with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) characteristics as bandwidth, delay, jitter, packet loss and route diversity. We provide Service Level Agreement (SLA), as well as network equipment and 24/7/365 technical support from Space Hellas’s skilled personnel.

Bundled Service Offerings

Space Hellas helps customers make the optimum investment decision between multiple technology and service options, based on resource availability and cost, while streamlining the deployment of totally new service elements that require careful planning, standardized processes and a strong quality focus.

Through our long term relationships with many national and international providers, we are able to combine different services under one bundled service providing customers with a one stop shop and a single point of contact.

  • Global Connectivity

Space Hellas offers global connectivity services, providing Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and long line services to multinational companies, so as to communicate with their branches and partners worldwide. Space Hellas has installed Wide Area Networks (WAN) using all available transmission technologies, while utilizing copper or fiber optics infrastructure.

  • Domestic Connectivity

In co-operation with selected Greek service providers, Space Hellas offers interconnection services to enterprises, private and government organizations that wish to connect their Central offices with their branches, located in remote areas of the country. Satellite connections are offered for remote locations, unreachable to terrestrial networks.

  • Network Management

Space Hellas’ network management service encompasses round-the-clock alarm and traffic monitoring of customer networks using specialized Network Management System. The system generates weekly or monthly analyses and reports on the status of the customer's network. We also provide assets and service and configuration management.

  • Telecom Services Outsourcing

Telecom Services Outsourcing is gradually gaining ground since it provides solutions to the ever-increasing need of enterprises to achieve economy of scale and protect their investment. Practice has shown that the cost to the customer, who accommodates and manages its technical infrastructure or activities on its own, is higher than the case that these tasks were assigned to a specialist. Space Hellas offers a full range of outsourcing services covering total or partial management and support for all types of infrastructure.

  • Optimizing your Telecom infrastructure for enhanced business performance

In today's global environment, your organization increasingly relies on Telecom Infrastructure to deliver strategic business objectives - whether increasing sales, maximizing operational efficiency, reducing operational risk or improving workforce productivity. If your network does not perform, it will directly impact your company and divert resources from exploiting new business opportunities.

  • Customer Support & 24/7 Service Desk

In order to provide uninterrupted support to its customers, Space Hellas has developed and implemented a helpdesk service operating 24/7. A dedicated platform provides web-based trouble ticketing, enabling customers to have direct connection and progress reporting.

Customer Benefits

  • Global Connectivity
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Carrier Neutral Philosophy
  • Commercial Flexibility
  • Multi-Supplier Model
  • System & Service Integration
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Single Point of Billing & Service Desk
  • Network Redundancy
  • High Availability
  • Customer Support on a 24/7/365 basis
  • CPE Management


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