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Optical Networks

These are networks based on fibre-optic cables for high data speeds at zero losses.
Fibre-optic networks are utilized in:

  • Computer Engineering
  • Data Transmission
  • Remote Control Engineering
  • High Voltage Engineering
  • Chemical Processing
  • Surveillance Systems
  • High Security Systems
  • Aviation and Space Technology

Fibre-optic applications are incalculable, offering advantages far beyond those of other systems used for information transmission. In addition to their broadband capabilities, other advantages inherent to fibre-optic cables are:

  • smaller in profile but larger in capacity
  • lightweight and flexible (threshold limits)
  • no metallic conduit requirements, hence no electric (galvanized) connections
  • can run long distances before amplification is applied
  • offer increase security: fibres hard to tap
  • can run next to, or even inside strong current conduits
  • can safely run within areas of high risk
  • unaffected by Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI)
  • no crosstalk
  • no noise
  • suitable for use in "extreme" environments (e.g. trains, boats, airplanes)

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Optical Networks
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