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Structured Cabling

The concept "Structured Cabling" incorporates a series of international Regulations/Standards that apply to the study, design, installation and delivery of feeble current cabling used for the transmission of electronic information (data, voice, image) in a network architecture.

The proper selection of the physical medium for such transmissions makes a significant contribution to the quality performance of the network; including increased reliability as it preempts network failure.
We should emphasize that technological developments and demanding software applications set the standards for a "powerful" company infrastructure the scope of which extends well into the future.
The formally qualified and experienced personnel of Space Hellas are amply qualified in the design, installation and certification of Structured Cabling Systems taking into account the following factors:

  • client needs and premises
  • current and future network requirements and performance
  • the need to design and implement a user-friendly, manageable and expandable SCS architecture
  • optimal cost in relation to network/client requirements

A Structured Cabling project comprises the following steps:

  • set up of Horizontal Cabling (UTP, FTP, SFTP, SSTP cables, Class 5 e,, 6, 7 [only cable], Fiber to the desk)
  • backbone cabling (fiber optic cables, cross-connects)
  • installation of local Distributors (Racks, Patch Panels, Smart Patch Panels, etc.)
  • physical Interconnection of remote buildings (Campus - Fiber optic cables, phone cables)
  • deliverables (certification - diagrams - profiles), maintenance, product-system warranty

The SCS studies and designs by Space Hellas' engineers incorporate a wide range of brand name products resourced from certified and experienced manufacturers.

Structured Cabling
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