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Networking Solutions

User demands and new applications are skyrocketing bandwidth requirements for data transfer and use of "heavy" applications (e.g. simultaneous transmission of data/voice/image). Space Hellas has an excellent track record as regards the design and installation of powerful data networks in Greece, e.g. in Banks, Public organizations and Private Enterprises. The term data network denotes the bulk of equipment and services which Space Hellas offers to its clients for the development of Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN).

LANs are used to connect computer systems in limited spaces. Space Hellas' LAN solutions include: the design, equipment procurement (Hubs, Switches, Bridges, Routers, and Terminal servers), installation and maintenance of all kinds of LANs, e.g. Ethernet & Token Ring, and high-speed networks (FDDI, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and ATM). The company has long experience and suitable equipment for LAN/WAN connectivity, as well as expertise in LAN/Internet connectivity and a suite of technologies that enhance e-Mail, Web Servers, Firewalls, system management and other applications.

The WANs are used for computer systems connectivity where long distances are involved. The company places particular emphasis on large networks, offering integrated WAN solutions that allow not only the standard data transfer, but also complete and top quality phone connectivity and video conferencing. Space Hellas was the first to carry out large-scale WAN applications, mainly for first class Banks. The technologies applied are TCP / IP, Cell relay - ATM, Frame relay and X.25. The company has acquired huge experience from projects involving the digitization and transmission of voice over such networks as IP, Cell Relay and Frame Relay. The same is true as regards company projects relating to phone-switch connections over Data networks. In addition, Space Hellas has carried out WANs using all available transmission technologies, e.g. copper and fibre-optic lines.

As far as datacom is concerned, numerous implementation studies have been performed by specialized and experienced engineers with expert knowledge of the client’s network environment and all the available technologies. Each study constitutes an individual "deliverable" product that fully covers all network needs. Depending on the scope of the project, the study may include:

  • Capacity Planning
  • Hierarchical Design
  • Data-Voice-Video Convergence
  • Quality of Service
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Application & Infrastructure Performance Improvement
  • MPLS/VPN Network Design
  • Performance Improvement for Multiple Service Networks
  • Multiple Service Network Upgrading

Further to the aforementioned the Datacom sector is in a position to offer a portfolio of advanced solutions and value-added services aiming at monitoring and managing in the best possible way, any network infrastructure.

  • Mapping and validation of network infrastructure
  • Network traffic and protocol analysis
  • Applications performance and monitoring
  • Monitoring of network capacity
  • Traffic monitoring & reporting
  • SLA management

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Networking Solutions
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