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Space Hellas places particular emphasis on the installation of systems/equipment, irrespective of the size of the project. This stage requires careful consideration as it has a direct bearing on the performance of the systems/equipment, on client services and on the schedule set to complete the installation tasks.

This stage involves site-specific actions and procedures set by Space Hellas and the client, and also complies with ISO9001:2008.

Equipment Deliveries

At this stage we receive the quantities of Hardware and Software by the Supplier and store them in the company's warehouse.

Preliminary work - Initial Parametrization

The hardware is transported to the company's Technical Department where the following work takes place:

  • unpacking the visual confirmation of contents in terms of numbers and quality
  • assembling constituent parts to functional units and setting power on
  • initial configuration and preparatory work for the installation of the operating system
  • installation of the operating system and initial parametrization
  • functional testing of the equipment
  • disassembling and repackaging of the equipment; code marking of packages as in packaging list; systems and software applications identification; destination and location identification markings
  • storage of the equipment in a dedicated company location to subsequently expedite it to the client's location in compliance with project requirements

If during equipment inspection/testing we establish damage to parts, we make sure that these parts are replaced and resume testing from scratch.

Expediting the Equipment

At this stage we transport the equipment to client locations, in keeping with schedule deadlines.

Final Assembly of Equipment

This stage involves all actions taken to assemble the equipment at their predetermined locations. The preparatory work involves:

  • installation of "passive" equipment (cabling) and assembly of "active" equipment (no cabling required)
  • connection of equipment installed
  • connection with pre-existing equipment
  • switching on the equipment

For the successful execution of these tasks, the following are taken into consideration:

  • selection and preparation of a suitable equipment housing area
  • protection of equipment from power surcharge events
  • ensuring the security of the housing area
  • maintaining proper ventilation conditions
  • secure positioning of equipment
  • DC power and phone sources preparation
  • electromagnetic interferences obstruction

Space Hellas ISO certifications
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