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Client :

Apostolopoulou Group – Medical Center

Contracted object :

Unified voice/data/image network

Year contracted :


Brief Description of the Project

The client requested a WAN connection between 6 hospitals and the main offices of the Group. The network had to be designed in a reliable way not only for data but also for voice communication. In addition, the existence of a Siemens Hicom 300 PBX phone system in each hospital had to be taken into consideration.

Space Hellas proposed a solution based on Frame Relay technology. The reasons for this solution are obvious: Quality of Service (QoS), dynamic bandwidth allocation to users, reliability, warranted bandwidth per user/type of traffic, ideal for simultaneous data/voice/image transmission.

In addition, we used ISDN and PSTN lines (where ISDN unavailable) with the aim to provide back-up connections. These connections are activated when traffic exceeds available bandwidth in basic connections, thus improving the efficiency of the proposed solution.

In general terms, the solution was based on Motorola's Vanguard technologies. More specifically, a Vanguard 6455 was used in the client's main offices and in all client's hospitals requiring back-up and ISDN connections.

The same technology was used in the hospitals with back-up lines using PSDN. The Vanguard series functioned as a Frame Relay Access device (FRAD) supporting simultaneously data traffic in LAN and back up connections (ISDN or V.90).

The backup connections were based on Taicom MR 56-ITU modems, allowing speeds up to 56 Kbps.

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