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Client :

Mouchalis & Sons Co

Contracted object :



The Mouchalis & Sons Co was established in 1974 and has been active since then in the wholesale of tobacco products. Its registered offices are in Greece and its activities encompass the prefecture of Attica . The company's market comprises a wealth of tobacco stores.

The company is at the top of its sector in terms of turnover, numbering also 45 employees and a fleet of 14 vehicles (12 small vans and 2 cars). The Mouchalis & Sons' Co market share is 10% for the prefecture of Attica and 6% for the entire country.

The Need

The Mouchalis & Sons Co currently operates 14 vehicles, of which 12 are small vans for product distribution and 2 cars for sales agents' transport. This fleet is used to service 550 tobacco retailers at least once per week. The mean duration for each vehicle stop at each retail store is approximately 10 minutes.

However, new customers are added to existing ones every day. These new customers must be registered and depicted in the client's data base and their scheduled service must be optimized. The company operates in a market that demands fast distribution, retail customer identification, information collection, re-routings and fast customer service. These are critical factors which determine fleet efficiency, delivery cost reductions and increased profitability.

Prior to Space Hellas' solution the company utilized conventional means of communication between HQ and fleet, i.e. cellular phones, while customer service was more or less at the discretion of the client's employees. In addition, the cellular phones were used by the drivers to communicate with the client in cases of emergency, either personal or fleet/product related.

Following a survey, Space Hellas established that the client had the following needs:

  • control over the company's vehicles routes
  • warning for vehicles stops exceeding 30 minutes
  • registration of new customers
  • collection of information about vehicle calls
  • task quality control
  • protection of vehicle, driver, goods
  • reports on operating expenses

The Solution

The administration of the client contacted SpaceNet requesting its expert services. Following identification of client's needs, SpaceNet proposed a solution involving a system with the capacity to track and manage the client's fleet. This system is designed and implemented by SpaceNet.

Subsequently, a control center was created by which the client's operator(s) could monitor the routes taken by the company's fleet of vehicles. Following the design and application of a new apparatus, new customers can be added automatically into the system and in the data base.

The client's customers are now depicted on a digital map within the prefecture of Attica – the prefecture being the client's area of activity.

This application represents a user-friendly environment and operators can do the following tasks with ease: pinpoint the exact location of a company's vehicle, establish itineraries and customers' serviced. An alarm feature warns of vehicle stops exceeding the 30 min ceiling.

The system can produce reports concerning driver and vehicle performance, customer information and other events (special parameters). These reports can be displayed on a yearly, monthly, weekly, day or per previous day(s) basis. Comprehensive reports for client information are also available.

For the protection of vehicles and goods transported, a switch was installed at driver's reach. If activated, this switch can send a distress signal to the control center identifying vehicle position in case of an emergency.

The Benefits

The successful application of the system warrants full exploitation of information collected and stored. This information is registered in the control center and used for fleet management. More specifically:

The operators of the system utilize effective information interrogation and management tools within a user-friendly and flexible working environment.

The use of the reporting features of the system improved the daily management of the fleet (i.e. with the automated statistical reporting and analysis per vehicle itinerary).

In addition, the conditions were set for operating cost reductions, i.e. those relating to vehicle use (unauthorized vehicle use ceased).

Furthermore, the MOUCHALIS & SONS' Co fleet of vehicles now benefits from the direct and effective protection allowed by the system. The vehicles are readily traceable along predetermined routes, and actions can be instituted to recover them in cases of emergency.

The project complied with the specifications set by the MOUCHALIS & SONS Co, drawn on the basis of identified needs, while adjustments are feasible when needed.

The processing and management of data concerning the fleet are at the exclusive disposal of the MOUCHALIS & SONS Co., with provisions that such information remains away from unauthorized access and corruption.

Additional features that can be incorporated into the system are:

  • two-way voice communication between vehicles and the control center
  • two-way communication between the control center and vehicles, with the option of pre-determined or short messages
  • control center advice about vehicle lead or behind scheduled stops
  • control center advice for vehicle-tampering by way of sensor applications on vehicles
  • development of additional software modules to meet other specific needs.

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