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Brief Summary of the Project

Space Hellas participates in the joint venture (team) of the companies that have been entrusted with the execution of the pilot scheme for the establishment of a national trunk network for the Hellenic Public Administration by the name of “SYZEYXHIS” [COUPLING]. The active equipment of the network in use has been manufactured by CISCO Systems (IGX 84 xx, 7206 VXR , 3640) while it is accompanied by passive network equipment (Racks).

The Object of the Project was to draw up a study for setting up a national trunk network for the Hellenic Public Administration by the name of “SYZEYXHIS”, providing services for transferring data among Entities of the Public Sector.

"SYZEYXHIS" covers all the communication needs among public services. It supports telematic services via data communication (e.g. e-mail, structured transmission of circulars), voice and data.

The network is provided with open architecture , alternative methods of access and offers the possibility to be connected to all the Public Sector's Entities.

The aim of the project was to improve the operation of public services by upgrading communication between public sector agencies through the access to trunk network telematic services of Public Administration and the unified service of the citizens with automated, user friendly information and transaction concluding systems with the Greek State.

The aims and the benefits anticipated from the project are the following:

  • The drop of communication costs among e Public Sector Agencies along with the exploration of scenarios compatible to the future deregulation of telecommunications
  • Quicker and more secure exchange of information within the “SYZEYXHIS” trunk network
  • The utilization of alternative sources of information and the avoidance of overlaps - repetition between Data Bases and Network Connections and the unified supply of software packages to maximum extent possible
  • The coordination of the management of data transmitted by Public Sector Agencies and the support to telematics applications through a central station and distributed help - desks
  • The establishment of requirements with a form compatible to the internal network installations of the Public Agencies according to modern standards of structured cabling and active equipment (gateways - routers, network servers, firewalls, switches, hubs, ISDN PABXs)
  • The coordination and the effective utilization of Public Sector Information Systems by means of the Agencies' interface, the installation of a hierarchal network of servers (name servers, WWW, proxy servers) and the management of end users in the context of closed intranet environments.
  • The easy and quick search of data collected from Public Sector Agencies by the citizen, so that the latter will be updated on issues of interest to him/her.
  • The service provided to citizens regarding processes necessitating the involvement of one or more Agencies (e.g.provision of instructions and issuing of certificates, licenses, payment of fees etc) in the direction of one- stop shopping through the public telecommunications network and the PC, via modem or the electronic access from ATM type points.
  • The telework possibility in the Public Sector as well as the conduct of public supply transactions electronically.
  • The potential connection to other European Public Administration Networks or the access to specialized data bases.
  • The connection to the Internet of all Public Agencies via the most advantageous Internet Service Providers (ISP), from a technical and economical point of view , with direct results in updating the people performing transactions with the Public Sector , the international promotion of the Entities and the Public officials ' access to information sources on the World Wide Web.
  • The introduction of electronic mail to the Public Administration controlled centrally and the management of the switching messages system according to EU requirements.
  • The exchange of structured EDI / EDIFACT documents among public services , the relevant rearrangement of the work flow into the Public Sector (process re - engineering) and the possibility of interface and peering agreement with other EDI - WANs.
  • The Public Sector Entities potentially connected to the final form of the " SYZEYXHIS network are the following :
  • Central and Regional Administration
  • Prefectural and Local Authorities
  • Public Entities

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