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SPACE 4.0 – Space Technologies and Applications 4.0
EPAnEK 2014-2020 – Action “Innovation Clusters/ -2nd Tender: Enterprises”
18 months
The "smart" collection, processing, management and analysis of satellite payload data - either in flight or on the ground - using combinations of modern space technologies with innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, offers new opportunities and possibilities, but at the same time poses challenges. The challenges relate to the development of innovative applications that strengthen important sectors of the economy (such as Smart Agriculture, Transport, Environment and Satellite Communications), increase the collaboration among enterprises, as well as enhance innovation, competitiveness and extroversion, especially in the current, difficult geopolitical and financial environment.

In this context, the available services and applications based on Information and Communication Technologies, aim at improving the quality of life of citizens, as well as their trust in institutions and the state. Achieving this goal directly depends on the quality of services provided by various entities and businesses, as well as on the effective support of decision-making in management processes.
SPACE 4.0 project focuses on the development of integrated, innovative and technologically advanced space applications and services. In brief the project aims at: 

1. Developing an innovative system for monitoring and modeling atmospheric pollutants. The system will be developed in such a way that will allow the management of the large volume of Earth observation data and the diverse data sources and formats, taking into account the need for specialized tools to analyze and process the data and other supporting in situ measurements.
2. Developing an integrated chain of algorithms and methods to reduce the quantity, improve the quality and distribution of satellite payload data using space technologies (on-board data reduction and geolocation), but also the accuracy of Earth Observation results at the ground station, using artificial intelligence to monitor and manage port security.
3. Creating an information platform for the interconnection of smart infrastructure in cloud, that will manage satellite payload data.
4. Developing a smart sustainable agriculture management system through monitoring crop parameters from UAV arrays and available ultra-high resolution satellite data.

The project supports the vision of the si-Cluster to develop and maintain a Cluster of International Scope and World Prestige, in the field of Space Technologies and Applications. The main objective of si-Cluster, also through this project, is to attract significant research and business activity to the country and to develop research and industrial excellence in specific fields of space technologies and applications in which Greece has demonstrated a comparative advantage.

The project is implemented within the framework of the Action “Innovation Clusters” and is co-financed by the European Union and national funds through the OP. Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation (EPANEK) (project code: ΓΓ2CL-0343669)

  • Space Hellas S.A. - Coordinator
  • Geospatial Enabling Technologies
  • Geosystems Hellas SA
  • Satways
  • Heron Engineering
  • Planetek Hellas
  • Softcom International
  • Terra Spatium
  • Axion Agro Agricultural - Economic Consulting LTD
  • Map LTD