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Modernize and transform your operational experience

With the proliferation of modern applications and explosion of critical business services IT has to deliver, many organizations are moving away from traditional approaches to IT infrastructure. Instead of relying building and maintaining specialized IT infrastructure silos optimized for specific services, many organizations are looking to consume resources flexibly, with fully-integrated modern infrastructure that utilizes standards-based hardware and software-defined resource management. As organizations look to evolve their IT infrastructures, they have two objectives in mind.

Datacenter Modernization: This entails simplifying, standardizing and automating their IT infrastructure and operations with the use of modern software-defined approaches, APIs and extensive automation.

Hybrid Cloud Acceleration: Most organizations are also developing hybrid cloud strategies that help them utilize multiple cloud and datacenter locations with a common operating model for resource provisioning and infrastructure operations.

A Modern Platform for Microsoft Environments

Dell EMC Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI provides a compelling platform for enterprises looking to standardize on Microsoft technologies for cloud service delivery across locations.

Dell EMC Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI delivers a cloud consumption experience on-premises while maintaining data security and offering full-stack lifecycle management. The solution is tightly integrated with Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, Azure Arc and Windows Admin Center, offering customers an enterprise-grade fully validated solution with extensive automation built-in, all with a single source of procurement, and support for the entire infrastructure stack.


The solution offers a broad choice of node configurations with integrated deployment and full-stack automated lifecycle management. The unique integrations and automation help reduce manual steps for operational tasks by 82% and reduce the required maintenance window by 40%.* enabling customers to eliminate errors while boosting IT productivity.

Dell Technologies provides consumption-based OPEX billing with Dell Technologies APEX Custom Solutions that allow customers to scale their infrastructure flexibly to address seasonal and long-term needs cost-effectively. 

Deliver Operational Efficiency
Dell EMC OpenManage Integration with Microsoft Windows Admin Center delivers full stack lifecycle management with cluster-aware updating, easy cluster expansions and CPU core management. Updates to the Operating Systems, BIOS, firmware and drivers are all orchestrated through a consolidated update workflow and cause no interruption to workloads running in the VMs – all requiring only up to a single reboot per cluster node. Automated cluster creation helps accelerate customers’ time to value and reduce the risk of human error in the initial deployment process. The built- in disaster recovery with stretch clustering provides automatic failover to restore production quickly, and without the need for manual intervention, ensuring the system stays up and running. Through Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) program, Dell Technologies can now be your single-source of procurement and support for the entire infrastructure stack, including Azure Stack HCI software subscription, reducing time-to-value and simplifying on-going support activities.

Flexible Configuration Options 
Dell Technologies offers multiple configuration options of hardware that have been validated and guaranteed to deliver the optimal balance of performance and capacity to address a broad set of Azure Stack HCI use cases and workloads. Azure Stack HCI is now available on 15G configurations with latest generations of both Intel and AMD CPUs, delivering breakthrough performance and density for use cases that include Edge, ROBO and Core datacenter locations.

Rely on Enterprise-class Expertise
Modernize your infrastructure with an all-in-one, validated HCI system that leverages an intelligently integrated foundation from Dell Technologies to deliver a simple and proven, enterprise-class deployment, maintenance and support experience. Dell Technologies is a proven, mature leader in the HCI market, and is #1 in HCI, Server and Microsoft solutions market.** Customers benefit from our 30 years of partnership and deep engineering collaboration with Microsoft to provide you with the confidence and peace of mind that your HCI will be available, performant and simple wherever you choose to deploy.

Services and Support
Dell Technologies makes services simple, flexible and worry free – from installation and configuration to comprehensive, single source support. Certified deployment engineers ensure accuracy and speed, reduce risk and downtime and free IT staff to work on those higher value priorities. And our one stop cluster level support covers the hardware, the operating system, hypervisor and Storage Spaces Direct software, whether you purchased your license from Dell EMC or Microsoft. Engage with Dell Technologies outcome-oriented consultants to determine the right path forward that will best satisfy both short-term and long range business objectives for your hybrid cloud. Dell Technologies Services can help organizations from start to finish and beyond, accelerating innovation and business growth.

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